Forex Trading for Beginners

Ideal for students with less than 1 year of forex trading experience. This program is taught one-on-one. Students arrange their own weekly schedules. We allow our students to schedule a maximum of 2 sessions per week. Each sessions is up to 2 hours long.

The Academy of Financial Markets offers a unique way of teaching our students by personally mentoring each student ensuring we maximize their training experience. Whether you’re new to Forex and Stock trading or have previous experience and would like to improve your trading abilities, this course is for you!

The goal of our 8 week program is to continuous provide you with the knowledge, strategies, and insights you need to help you become a better trader by the time you complete the program.

We understand the importance of practicing throughout the course on a demo account, keeping detailed logs of all of your trade setups and trading activities. At the beginning of each session, your instructor will review your previous trades and ask you questions to help you think about your executions from a risk management perspective.

This will introduces you to how to read charts, understand the fundamentals of trading, learn some of the most advanced and comprehensive risk management approaches, understand how and why the markets fluctuate, know when and where to look for great trading opportunities, and help you to design your own set of trading rules, policies and procedures that are right for you.

Upon completing the program, we introduce you to several fully regulated brokers, grant you lifetime access to our live trading chatroom full of trading all helping each other to succeed, and provide you with a course completion certificate.

Course Includes:

  • 8 One-on-One Power Training Sessions
  • Trading Software and Learning Material
  • Lifetime Access to our Skype Trading Chatroom
  • Certificate of Completion

Day 1: The Trader’s Domain

  • Overview of Forex Trading
  • Software Installation and Walk-through
  • Open Demo Trading Account
  • Introduction to Technical Analysis
  • Introduction to Charting Techniques
  • Introduction to Simulations & Back-testing
  • Placing Various Types of Trades
  • Leverage & Types of Brokers
  • Trader Development Assignment

Day 4: Risk Management

  • Review Trades
  • Avoiding Most Common Mistakes
  • Multi-Time Frame Trading
  • Advanced Risk Management
  • Protective and Trailing Stop Losses
  • Trader Discipline & Mindset
  • Risk Analysis – Risk – Reward
  • Trade Plans & Setups
  • Diversifying Forex Positions
  • Intermediate Techniques & Strategies
  • Research Assignment

Day 7: Putting It All Together

  • Review Trades
  • Mastering Trade Plans
  • Intro to Position Management
  • Trade Rules & Trade Policies
  • Developing Your Own Strategies
  • Future Forecasting
  • Advanced Risk Management & Strategies
  • Advanced Trade Plans, Setups, and Strategies
  • Research Assignment

Day 2: Intro to Price Action

  • Trade Reviews
  • Spotting Trends
  • Continuations & Reversals Patterns
  • Market Psychology
  • Technical Indicators
  • How to Profit in Up or Down Trends
  • Effective Risk & Money Management
  • Biggest Mistakes Traders Make
  • Take Home Assignment

Day 5: Intermediate Trading

  • Review Trades
  • Introduction to Risk Events
  • Introduction to Economic indicators
  • News Wires
  • Previewing the Week Ahead
  • Market Sentiment
  • Market Speculation
  • Risk On vs. Risk Off
  • Trader Methodologies
  • Advanced Strategies
  • Trade Plans Setups

Day 8: Wrap Up

  • Review Trades
  • Knowledge Test
  • Trade Plans & Market Analysis
  • Advanced Strategies
  • Fill in Any Missing Pieces
  • Live Trading with the Instructor
  • Skype Learning Apprentice Program
  • Advancing To The Next Level
  • Graduation Certificate

Day 3: Technical Analysis

  • Knowledge Test
  • Trade Reviews
  • Chart Study
  • Effective Trade Planning
  • Journal & Logs
  • Consolidation & Breakouts
  • Harmonic Trading, Elliot & Fib
  • Intro to Strategies
  • Take Home Assignment

Day 6: Fundamental Analysis

  • Review Trades & Brief Knowledge Quiz
  • Employment Data
  • GDP, PMI & CPI
  • Retail Sales
  • FOMC, The Fed & Interest rates
  • Market Correlations
  • Intro to Stock Trading
  • Stock Trading Analysis
  • Advanced Risk Management
  • More Trade Plans and Setups
  • Research Assignment

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The Forex Trading Courses are taught one-on-one allowing students to arrange their own weekly schedule as they see fit. The Stock Trading Course is taught in a classroom setting and classes are every Sunday from 1:00pm until 5:00pm.

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One-on-One Mentorship Program for Forex Traders
The mentorship program is designed and tailored to each individual student ensuring they are obtaining the most out of their education.

Stock Trading (Class Setting)
The Stock Trading Course for Beginners is a full class setting that seats up to 10 students per semester. Each semester is 4 weeks long.