Stock Trading Course

Ideal for students with less than 1 year of trading experience.


Our Stock Trading Course is designed specifically for beginners who want to become professional traders in the Stock Market. Our Stock Trading Course in Toronto covers an array of topics such as trading strategies, risk management, identifying movements in the markets, trading psychology and much more. This course will be held for 4 consecutive Sundays starting the first Sunday of every month from 1:00pm until 4:00pm. Seats are limited. This course is only available at our Toronto location. Click Here To Enrol.

2018 Toronto Start Dates:

Sunday March 4th 2018 — ( 5 Seats Left )
Sunday April 1st 2018 — ( 9 Seats Left )
Sunday May 6th 2018 — ( 10 Seats Left )
Sunday June 3rd 2018 — ( 10 Seats Left )
Sunday July 8th 2018 — ( 10 Seats Left )
Sunday August 5th 2018 — ( 10 Seats Left )
Sunday September 2nd 2018 — ( 10 Seats Left )
Sunday October 7th 2017 — ( 10 Seats Left )
Sunday November 4th 2018 — ( 10 Seats Left )
Sunday December 2nd 2018 — ( 10 Seats Left )

Course Objectives

  • Ability to Manage Own Portfolio
  • Learn How to Quickly and Efficiently Use Software
  • Manage Risk and Avoid Major Draw-downs
  • Learn to Profit in Both Bull and Bear Markets
  • Able to Assess Market Conditions & Market Sentiment
  • Learn Technical and Fundamental Analysis
  • Learn Various Trading Strategies Used by Pros
  • Able to Make Well Informed Investment Decisions
  • Establish the Mindset of a Disciplined Trader
  • Learn to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes
  • Analyze Stock Data to Forecast Future Projections
  • Design Your Own Set of Rules for Entries and Exits
  • Design Your Own Trading System

Course Topics

  • Basics of the Stock Market
  • Charting Techniques
  • Technical Analysis
  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Tools to Use in Trading
  • Trade Setups and Strategies
  • Preparation for the Trading Day
  • Day Trading Strategies
  • Trading Psychology
  • Risk Management
  • Best Practices in Trading
  • Entry/ Exit Rules
  • And Much Much More!

Course Outline

0.1Class Introduction
0.2Course Breakdown
1.1What is the Stock Market?
1.2What it Means to Buy a Stock?
1.3Different Types of Stocks
1.4What are the Stock Market Indexes?
1.5Cash Account vs Margin Account
1.6Retail Investors vs Institutional Investors
1.7Different Types of Securities
1.8Stock Market Terminologies
1.9Trader vs Investor
1.10Bull Market vs Bear Market
1.11Short Selling a Stock
2.1Opening Demo Trading Account
2.2Walk Through of Making a Trade
2.2Some of the Biggest Trading Mistakes
3.1Intro to Charts
3.2Types of Charts
3.3Chart Patterns
3.4Reading Charts
4.1What is Fundamental Analysis?
4.2Reading Company Financials
4.3Key Factors to look for during Fundamentals
4.4Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis
4.5Earning Season
4.6Economic Indicators
5.1What is Technical Analysis?
5.2The use of Trend
5.3Support and Resistance
5.4Moving Averages
5.6Technical Indicators
MODULE 6Mastering Trading Psychology
6.1Individual Psychology
6.2Market Psychology
6.3Risk Management
6.4Trade Plans and Trade Logs
6.5Finding Trading Opportunities
6.6Entry Strategies and Exit Strategies
7.1Different Types of Trading Styles
7.2Trading Breakouts
7.3Trading Retracements
7.4Trading Reversals
7.5Momentum Trading
7.6Trading on the News
7.7Day Trading Strategies
7.8Moving Average Crossover
7.9Candlestick Patterns
7.10Support and Resistance St
8.1Trading Platform
8.2Alerts and Stock Trading Robots
8.3Stock Scanning
MODULE 9A Day in the Life of Trading
9.1Preparation for the Trading Day
9.2Building a Watch List
9.3Implementing Trading Plan
9.4Stalking your Trade
9.8Revisit, Retune, Refine
9.9Stock Trading Strategies
10.1Trading Tips
10.3Class Challenge
10.4Joining Our Team
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